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Talon Petroleum is a Texas and Gulf Coast focused exploration and appraisal company listed on ASX (ASX code: TPD). Talon's strategy is to invest in multi-well oil projects that are located within areas with good production infrastructure employing horizontal drilling and advanced fraccing technologies.  The projects target oil in resource plays (shales) or in low permeability conventional reservoirs that originally produced only a small fraction of the hydrocarbons in-place (old fields with tight reservoirs) where recoveries can be improved with new technologies.  Funding to drill the proof of concept tests in the early projects will come from selling down in large acreage blocks.

Talon's current portfolio reflects the strategy and consists of seven projects located in East and South Texas, USA.  Talon has 1P, 2P and 3P reserves of 0.09 mmboe, 0.76 mmboe and 2.17 mmboe respectively (NSAI - 31 December 2013)*.    Talon is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with an office in Houston, Texas, USA.

*The 2013 net reserves were assessed by Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. which meets the requirements of qualified petroleum reserves and resources evaluators in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules (refer to the 2013 Annual Report and the Australian Roadshow Presentation (Presentation), released to ASX on 28 March and 23 May 2014 respectively for further detail, including the qualified evaluator statement).  Talon is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information regarding the 2013 net reserves included in the 2013 Annual Report and the Presentation and all the material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the estimates of reserves in the 2013 Annual Report and the Presentation continue to apply and have not materially changed.  Note that the boe conversion ratio used is 6 mcf: 1 bbl.

Latest News


12-Dec-2014  Coolangatta Test Well Commences 
11-Dec-2014  MR Olmos Project - Sixty Day Production Update 
2-Dec-2014  Change of Company Secretary 
25-Nov-2014  Talon to Test Coolangatta Prospect at Nil Cost 
17-Nov-2014  MR Olmos Project - First Month Production
4-Nov-2014  Board Restructure 
31-Oct-2014  September 2014 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
14-Oct-2014 Quintanilla OL 1H Well Tests 986 BOEPD
13-Oct-2014  Quintanilla OL 1H Well Flowback Operations Commence 
8-Oct-2014  Quintanilla OL 1H Well - Fracture Stimulation Underway
1-Oct-2014  Quintanilla OL 1H Fracture Stimulation Scheduled to Commence 
26-Sep-2014 Results of EGM
22-Sep-2014  Appendix 3X - Peter Love
18-Sep-2014  Appendix 3Y - Clifford Foss
15-Sep-2014  Peter Love appointed as a Non-Executive Director 
12-Sep-2014  Interim Financial Report 30 June 2014 
28-Aug-2014  Appendix 3Y - Bruce Cowley 
28-Aug-2014  Appendix 3Y - Angus Douglas 
28-Aug-2014  Appendix 3Y - Jeff Forbes 
28-Aug-2014  MR Olmos Project - Drilling Phase Complete 
27-Aug-2014  Notice of initial substantial holder 
25-Aug-2014  Despatch of Notice of EGM and Proxy Form 
25-Aug-2014  Allotment and issue on new shares 
25-Aug-2014  Appendix 3B - Issue of Shares 
21-Aug-2014  A$1.12 million Entitlement Offer closes oversubscribed 
6-Aug-2014 First well commences at MR Olmos Project
5-Aug-2014 Appendix 3Y - Clifford Foss 
31-Jul-2014  Despatch of Entitlement Offer Booklet 
31-Jul-2014  June 2014 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B 
23-Jul-2014  Letter to Eligible Shareholders re Entitlement Offer 
23-Jul-2014  Letter to Ineligible Shareholders re Entitlement Offer 
22-Jul-2014  Appendix 3B Entitlement Offer 
22-Jul-2014  S708AA Cleansing Notice 
22-Jul-2014  Entitlement Offer Booklet
22-Jul-2014  Talon announces Entitlement Offer to raise A$1.12 million 
15-Jul-2014  Investor Update - July 2014 
4-Jul-2014  Company Update - July 2014
27-Jun-2014  Appendix 3Z David Mason 
27-Jun-2014  Retirement of Mr David Mason as a Director
30-May-2014 Results of 2014 AGM
30-May-2014 AGM - MD's Presentation to Shareholders
30-May-2014  AGM - Chairman's Address to Shareholders
23-May-2014  Australian Roadshow Presentation
30-Apr-2014 March 2014 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
28-Apr-2014  Despatch of Notice of Annual General Meeting, Proxy Form and Annual Report
4-Apr-2014 Appendix 3Y David Mason
4-Apr-2014  Appendix 3B Issue of Shares
4-Apr-2014 Date of Annual General Meeting
28-Mar-2014 Annual Report 2013
26-Mar-2014 Settlement reached with Sundance Energy
5-Feb-2014 New Joint Participation Group for MR Olmos Project
31-Jan-2014 December 2013 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
29-Jan-2014 Bonner IH Update
26-Nov-2013 Bonner 1H Fraccing Successful
8-Nov-2013 Appendix 3B – Issue of Options
31-Oct-2013 September 2013 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
26-Sep-2013 Roundhouse Prospect Bonner 1H Well Update
13-Sep-2013 Interim Financial Report 30 June 2013
12-Sep-2013 Notice of claims from Sundance Energy Update
09-Sep-2013 Notice of Claims from Sundance Energy
09-Sep-2013 Roundhouse Prospect Bonner 1H Well Update

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